Monday, October 4, 2010

MFA drawings 10/3/10


I was sketching things at the Museum of Fine Arts yesterday and thought it might be a nice idea to post my sketches up here on my neglected blog. I'd really like to go back and sketch these same sculptures sometime soon, so perhaps there will be a visible progression as I come to know them more and more. If you're interested, I'd appreciate it if you would click the above image to enlarge it—the compressed preview makes the pencil strokes look inaccurately coarse and gritty.

The first one is "Bust of Jules Dalou" by the incomparable Rodin. In my first attempt (left) I tried to move quickly in order to capture the correct sense of the face but it turned out looking too angry. The second (right) was overall much more accurate. I erred the opposite direction of the first and lost all of the frustration in his face. My main weakness with both of these, I think (but especially the second,) is his brow. The eyes aren't quite right, either.

The second is "Le Printemps" by Jules Desbois. This small head is possibly one of the most superb works of art that I have ever seen: the expression on this girl's face was nearly indescribable, portraying childhood more accurately and more beautifully than anything I can remember. I dare not try and describe it myself, its essence would slip away from my words almost immediately. (I was actually frightened to begin drawing it, since I knew that I could only fall massively short.) That said, I was actually somewhat pleased with the result. The proportions aren't quite right (her features ought to be larger on her face,) and her eyes were not captured well at all (though I will give myself grace in this regard, because the eyes are the most important, most affecting, most true part of this sculpture.)

Thanks for reading (this post is mostly for the Tullises, since we discussed posting pictures on my blog about 6 months ago. Hi Tullises.)


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