Monday, January 12, 2009

Deja vu ... not meaningless!

     Ok, I decided that this blog is fine for posting RANDOM, RIDICULOUS, and INANE theories that I come up with.

    So here's number one.

     Deja vu is triggered by a real memory: a memory of a dream that you had previously forgotten. But the dream is the tricky part, because that (whenever you originally had it) was a subconscious glimpse into the future. Perhaps the fabric of space-time DOES fold in on itself occasionally, but we can't perceive it unless we completely lack distractions, i.e. we are sleeping. Then it just happens that we see our future, forget it, then half-remember it when it actually happens to us.

Brilliant? Not at all. And I'm sure that I'm wrong about most of that nonsense. But I thought of it, so you had to suffer through it. (<- brilliant logic)

You may consider your day hereby ENLIGHTENED



Seth Russell said...

Mm, makes sense to me. You are brilliant, Mr. Moon.

The Happiest Abri said...

Leave it to you to write a long explanation on something seemingly unexplainable. You make me laugh.

Ellie said...

i'm a complete stranger who randomly fell upon your blog while looking for eluvium pictures.

you have a beautiful outlook on life, keep it up mr. moon.

it's always refreshing to find souls who see life for what it is.. not some convoluted picture drowned out by the society we live in.