Thursday, March 19, 2009

this thought has been parasitically attached to my brain for the last several weeks.

Humanity is intriguing.
I am consistently amazed by how self-entrenched we have, and can, become.

By that, I mean that we are almost entirely absorbed in our own race - not to say that’s a bad thing, of course. People are definitely the most fascinating thing I’ve ever heard of.

But it feels odd to take several steps back. Time passes over our ideas, and either dissipates them or molds them to us.

Ideas, things that are in fashion affect our consciousness and alter the course of our existence. Old ideas lead to new ideas, thoughts lead to other thoughts. New revelations appear, are digested, and become old ideas. These old ideas lead to new sparks, which become old and inspire still more.

Clever phrases become common sayings, which eventually become irremovable tenets of our language. Thoughts pass from conscious to conscious, slightly morphing and always viewed through a different eye.

At this point in time, it seems impossible to make something wholly inspired by, say, nature. The movement of the planets, or the growth of a sapling. Chances are, you can follow the thought to its origin and you will end up at a piece of literature, or a word spoken by a stranger, or something which was, ironically, probably inspired by yet another person.

Are we doomed to be forever expounding on our forefathers' wisdom?

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